Discover Crypto Advocacy Through Cubes

Crypto advocacy engages in research, educates policymakers, and advocates for sensible regulatory approaches to this technology.


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What CT is Saying

  • Our CFO was not amused when I expensed a $3000 Tungsten cube (and the $2000 importing fees to get it to the Bahamas)

    had to clarify that we like the cube.


  • I don’t get FOMO. Never have really. Not with experiences, events, NFTs; investments etc. Whatever.

    But goddamn do I want a tungsten cube on my desk.

    Joe Weisenthal

  • Men will literally spend $3,000 on one Tungsten cube rather than go to therapy

    Sid Verma

  • Have you explained that it feels good to hold

    Nic Carter

  • Midwest Tungsten needs a governance token yesterday also think it should have a retroactive airdrop


  • There is nothing to understand. Just cube

    Matthew Graham

But Why?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

We like tungsten. It’s a fantastic metal. Supporting crypto policy efforts using Tungsten cubes makes sense.

How will this support crypto advocacy?

A 9.69% royalty will be applied to all secondary resales. The money will be donated to crypto advocacy groups.

Why is crypto advocacy important?

Do you like terrible laws that hurt the industry?

How does this work?

At mint you will randomly be assigned a 1, 2, 4 or 7 inch cube nft. The nft can be redeemed for a 100% discount code for a cube of that size. Once burned, the NFT is removed from the total supply. 500 nfts total will be initially minted.

What are the rarities?

399 1 inch cubes
80 2 inch cubes
20 4 inch cubes
1 7 inch cube

When can I redeem for a cube?

Cube redemptions will start on November 1st (for those that want to get a physical cube for their NFT). We need some time after the mint to buy the cubes from our supplier. There will be no redemption time window.

Is shipping included?

If you are in the USA, yes. International shipping not included with the cube redemption.

What chain will this be on? Wen exchange?

Solana. We will be listed on Magic Eden and FTX after launch.

What will you do with the money from the sale?

The team will hold enough funds to cover cube redemptions. The royalties will be donated.

Is the team making money doing this?

No. We just think crypto advocacy is important.

But seriously, why?